About Us


In April 2016 the curly haired Adelaide began making all natural soaps for herself and family. While originally used as a creative outlet while completing a Masters degree word of mouth spread and due to repeated requests the Hand to Toe market stall was created in September 2016.

As a keen artist she designed labels, experimented with packaging and sketched logo's and over the summer of 2016/2017  added new products to her line and began fostering a loyal market following.

In 2017, the once dreadlocked Mark (the face of dirty hippie soap) appeared.
Hand to Toe is now growing stronger with new products being added and the development of this website. 
Our products are all natural, use the best quality ingredients, and are mostly plastic free. (sometimes it's unavoidable!) 
We take the best care when we are making our products. Everything we sell is made from scratch, hand labeled and quality tested by us, our friends and family.